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Helping your Team to find the answers to the tough questions differently.
Can Your Team Discover Their Potential?

Executive Coaching & Facilitation Canberra

At INOV8YOU we use a number of different skills and tools to help you or your business grow & develop.

There are one on one executive coaching sessions, team development, & team coaching along with facilitated workshops using LEGO Serious Play and the Business Model You Canvas. Brainstorming session with SparkTank. The aim is to help you grow as an individual, team or as an organisation. We want to help you solve your problems.

If you're looking for a result-orientated process that gets you the answers to the tough questions then you are at the right place.

FREE Virtual Coffee

If you are not sure of what you need or how you could utilize our help, then this is a great starting point.

With a no-obligation virtual coffee catch-up via Zoom for up to thirty minutes.

That way we can learn & understand your personal or business needs so that we can make sure we are the right solution for you.

Free & no-obligation.

Executive & Leadership


Do you need a coach for yourself or your organisation?

Coaching is a goal-oriented solution that is focused on questions which are based around a conversation to support the development of you, your people & your organisation. 

This includes internal and external executives as well as employees.  If this sounds like what you are looking for then book a no-obligation appointment.


If your looking for a different approach to brainstorming & strategic thinking, then this is for you.  

The purpose of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is to gain results & answers to your tough questions through participation & insights. 

The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method (LSP) is a facilitated thinking, & problem-solving technique for use with organisations, teams & individuals.        

If this sounds like what you are looking for then book a no-obligation appointment. 

Business Model You® 

A business model is a framework for how a person or a company will create value. Ultimately, it distils the potential of the person or the business down to its essence. It answers fundamental questions about the problem you want to solve, how you will solve it & the growth opportunities. 

Creating a business model is essential, whether you are an individual, starting a new venture, or expanding into a new market. 

If this sounds like what you are looking for then book a no-obligation appointment. 

SparkTank Facilitation Services 

SparkTank is a process & platform that transforms normal idea generation meetings from sequential steps to concurrent streams of information & collaboration that allows everyone to work together simultaneously.

This is known as: neural meetings. This process stimulates & makes unexpected connections between ideas which propels innovation further.

If this sounds like what you are looking for then book a no-obligation appointment. 




We live in a world where business and careers are evolving more rapidly than at any other time in history.

The key to nurturing economic & personal growth for many people & organisations is in discovering what value you have to offer & how to apply that value. At INOV8YOU we are here to help you find and discover that value. People are your key resource and we are here to help you engage that resource in your businesses, teams & projects, by taking a different and fresh approach to the problems or challenges that are experiencing.

Whether you’re involved in public service, private enterprise or not-for-profit sectors we can help you, your team or your organisation with a variety of solutions to customise the best approach for your needs. This is not a one size fits all approach, it's customised to suit your requirements.




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